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    Police does not have the power to take up non-cognizable case without the orders of the court

  • criminal lawyer

    Police can not refuse to takeup cognizable case

  • criminal lawyer

    We help our clients to file private complaint in the court

Private Complaint

We help you in filing private complainant in non-cognizable offences or when police refuse to file / take-up investigation in cognizable offences

When complainant approaches the Police Station for filing written / oral Complaint, if Police refuses to register any complainant / FIR U/s. 154 of Criminal Procedure Code.

(i) Either Complainant can send your written complaint to Ploce Station/Asst, Commissioner Of Police/ Deputy Commissioner Of Police and Commissioner Of Police through Registered Post as provided U/S. 154 (3)

(ii) And on failure, to get Register your complaint by the Police, you can approach a Lawyer / Advocate for filing the private complaint".

The Procedure U/S200 of Cr.P.C - Complaint to Magistrate

(i) Preparation of "PRIVATE COMPLAINT" as per the format for the alleged offences: attach all the documents along with your complaint as "LIST OF DOCUMENTS", and mention all the names of witnesses to the alleged offences in "LIST OF WITNESSES", then file the Complaint in the Concerned Court of P.S in the presence of Complainant.

(ii) On filing the Complaint, generally after call work. If and only if the Magistrate coniders, may either direct the Complainant to produce witnesses ( Complainant/Witnesses as per List) on the same day or any other day to record the Evidence.

(iii) After the recording of such Evidence, Magistrate may directly Order for issuance of summons to the Accused.

For The Complaints, If Filed U/S. 200 Read/With Sec. 156 (3) of Cr.P.c.

(a) On filing the Complaint, generally after call work. If and only if the Magistrate considers, may either direct the Complainant to produce witnesses ( Complainant/Witnesses as per List) on the same day or any other day to record the Evidence.

b) After the recording of such Evidence, OR otherwise, Magistrate may refer/send the complaint to the concerned Police Station with the directions to (i) Register an FIR" U/S. 154 of Cr.P.C on this Complaint about the Alleged Offences against Accused (ii) Investigate the matter (iii) Submit Report.


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