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Lawyer Pradeep Kumar Patna
Pradeep Kumar - Advocate at Patna High Court

AdvocatePradeep Kumar has close to 38 years' experience in advocacy and legal consulting. Deals with: Civil law, Corporate law, Criminal law,Tax laws, Property law, Company Matters etc.


  • I live in U.S.A , We appointed and changed almost 4 to 5 lawyers and finally We retained Dr. G.M.Rao. My wife left to India and forcible staying with my parents threatening them with false cases. Mr. Rao helped us to vacate my wife from my parents home in india. We have suffered a lot , was under depression. Mr. Rao also helped us to get mutual consent divorce. Harsha - 04-12-2016
  • I have been deceived by in the name of marriage, its second marriage for me as well for my husband. Only after one week of marriage my husband started saying that his first wife is calling and threatening to come back. He collected around 20 lakhs dowry and absconded. We approached Mr Rao. my only objective was that the culprit must be punished. Mr. Rao takes only genuine cases. Mr. Rao accepted my case only after convinced about the genuinity of my case. Finally my husband was arrested.I recommend Mr. Rao for any complicated criminal / matrimonial cases. Kiran - 04-12-2016
  • To start with the least, the personality and the introduction itself brought such positive vibes that made me so comfortable that I could share anything with him and he would listen to me as if he was my bestest friend. As the conversation started, as expected, he heard my entire story carefully noting every detail with all the patience he has. When I was finished, he gave me the perfect advise that I could not have even imagined. I was so overwhelmed with the advice and response that I regained my lost confidence.To conclude and summarize, the least words I can use....1. An eye opener2. A perfectly professional and realistic approach along with an amazing personal touch3. Excellent Anurag Jhunjhunwala- 05-10-2016
  • Dr. G.M.Rao is one of the very few legal advisors who patiently listens to the problem and analyses the issue before opining and laying the course of action. I am impressed with his style of functioning. He is meticulous and to the point. We are happy to have approached him for legal advice and recommend him to all we know. Dr. Kishore Kumar - 13-08-2016
  • Thank you for all the guidance you have provided. Your legal advice was so honest. It was the best decision to come to you first. Your views on live are so beautiful and practical that it converts a person's approach into a totally positive attitude. Pranathi H - 13-08-2016
  • I would like to share my experience with Mr.Rao. Me and my family was falsely charged with with 498-a, 314, 506 of IPC and 3 &4 of DP Act. I was looking for local lawyer in Kamareddy and also appointed and changed few. Finally I heard about Mr. Rao from my colleagues, took appointment immediately. After meeting Mr. Rao, I and my family felt relaxed. He is one of the most honest advocate I ever came across and very straight forward. As soon as he appeared for the first time in the court for defending our matter the other side started negotiating for settlement and under the guidance of the Mr. Rao we arrived at final settlement and we are out of tensions. You are excellent sir. Thank you. -Shaik Shaik Fasih
  • Mr. G. M. Rao is a wonderful person with a great attitude to help his client, he is not just an advocate but truly a well wisher and provides suitable guidance time to time. He is distinct in speech and arguments during the sessions at court. I personally feel that i am lucky and fortunate to have an advocate like Mr. G. M. Rao to solve my false adultery case early and successfully.
    -Mohan Rao Tiruvakudu
  • Mr.G.M.Rao is utterly professional, competent and sincere with the task entrusted to him.I entrusted him with property title verfication and completely satisfied. Good luck to him in all his future endeavors
    -Dwaraka Nath
  • Finally ugly 498-A, Dowry, DVC and Maintenance all cases are settled and closed by Mr. Rao at once. No one should go through the trauma of false allegations and false cases. Need to fight hard to prove innocence. I have changed 2 lawyers before retaining Mr. Rao who was recommended by one of my friend and all the cases are closed. I highly recommend Mr. Rao for the above cases if anyone is facing. Thank you Mr. Rao -Naveen - Marine
  • Very hard working. Working in late nights drafting and reading client cases, till 3.00 am. Very friendly. Without out MR. Rao I would probably in mess but Mr. Rao’s Strategy saved my life from my wife and her parents harassment.
    -Ramakrishna Jubliee hills
  • I have approached advocate Mr. Rao for my personal issue related with my marital life. Prior to him I have approached 7 advocates and replaced 2 advocates.Finally I have approached Advocate G.M Rao though, I did not take any prior appointment still sir has spent quality of 2hrs with me to understand my problem. After speaking to sir, I got confident that my case is in safe hands and sir will give 100% percent to get justice for me and also I like the fees structure. I felt he works for the dignity towards his profession not for the money.Apart from his professional I felt he is very good counsellor as well. Shuba- 14-01-2016
  • I live in USA. There were disputes between me and my wife we both have filed mutual consent divorce personally. Finally after six months once again we both need to be present for the second motion but I was scared of LOC or 498-A ect. I have decided not to visit India but get mutual consent divorce done. My parents have visited almost every known lawyer in our native place but every one said that both must present for second motion. Finally I found Mr. Rao through friends who confidently said that it is possible to get MCD without my presence in the second motion. I have retained Mr.Rao. Mr. Rao went all the way from Hyderabd to E.G Courts for representing my matter finally i got the Mutual Consent Divorce done. I saved my money and precious time . Hats off, you are great sir. Thank you for helping me. Murthy CH - Ramachandrapuram- E.G - 23-03-2016

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